Wish Idil freedom

Happy Birthday Idil. The world is standing in solidarity with you.

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Our colleague İdil has been wrongfully imprisoned in Turkey, but that won’t stop us giving her a birthday to remember.

It should have been an ordinary day for İdil Eser, director of Amnesty Turkey. She was attending a meeting with colleagues in Istanbul on 5July 2017, when the police raided the building and arrested them.

Neither İdil or her colleagues have done anything wrong: and yet Turkey has jailed them, just like they have jailed hundreds of journalists, fuelling the propaganda that human rights defenders are somehow dangerous and must be stopped.

Idil is not a criminal – she is a human rights defender, who now faces the absurd charge of ‘aiding a terrorist organisation’ and risks up to 15 years in prison.

She is alone in jail, on the basis of ridiculous accusations, instead of spending it with friends and family.

We won’t stop until İdil is free. We won’t stop until they’re all free. Join our call to release the human rights defenders - we will make sure your voice is heard when it’s needed most, and let Turkey know the world is watching.