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Valsero is a prominent hip-hop artist and political activist. He has always used his voice to stand up for human rights and now risks the death penalty.

Act now so Valsero, a powerful voice in Cameroon, continues to speak truth to power.

On 26 January, Valsero, Cameroonian artist and political activist, was arrested in the vicinity of the French Institute of Yaoundé after he participated in a peaceful demonstration and went to pick up his 7-year-old daughter at the institute. He was arrested in front of his child who was left alone until a friend of the family went to pick her up.

She hasn’t seen him since.

For 24 hours, Valsero’s family did not know where to find him. The Special Operations Group (in French ‘Groupement Spécial d’opérations’- GSO) was detaining him in their facilities. He was interrogated there for 2 weeks before being presented to a military court. He was charged with 8 offences including: rebellion, insurrectional movement, hostilities against the nation. Some of those charges carry the death penalty.

In Cameroon, more than 130 people are arbitrarily detained for participating in a peaceful protest, violently repressed by the security forces. As Valsero, they are also charged with offences carrying the death penalty.

Sign this petition now to tell the Cameroonian authorities to free Valsero and the 130+ detained for peacefully protesting.